L Hall

My story started nearly a year ago. My tobacco use was rising as I aged (coming up to 40) and I was developing a permanent cough, found myself wheezing and there was a ’spot‘ I could feel in one of my lungs which worried me greatly.

I had tried to quit before but found it impossible. I’d heard about ‚vaping‘ but really knew very little about the actual way it worked, the processes involved and what equipment I needed. The first site I stumbled across was called ‚planet of the vapes‘ and I figured that was as good a place to start as any. I created an account and asked for some advice. After some research into the available options and the nuts and bolts of what this ‚vaping‘ actually was I decided to place an order.

It was great to see there were so many options, I wanted to get away from smoking so I didn’t want something that resembled a cigarette. I also liked the high-tech look of the devices, it felt like the future.

Within 24 hours I had my first hardware, I was both nervous and excited. I tentatively filled up the tank and had my first experience of vaping. It wasn’t what I expected but then, I’m not sure what I expected all I knew was that it was different to smoking and definitely something I could get used to.

I originally bought 3 flavours, strawberry, vanilla and a tobacco as a backup. I tried the strawberry first and after the initial adjustment period it was a revelation. Here was something a kin to smoking but was actually pleasurable, I went on to try the tobacco, it was disgusting. I think if ‚tobacco‘ had been my first and only choice I would be telling a very different story, one where I had continued smoking, my lungs had gotten worse and I was still miserable, living with the guilt associated with the harm I was doing to my body and the futility of it all.

I soon progressed to other hardware which allowed more customisation. I could construct my own coils, choose my resistance, power level, amount of vapour, everything, and it was great. From there I started making my own liquids, exploring a world of flavour and choosing tastes to suit my mood. The variety of flavours really keeps things interesting and prevents things from getting stale. It is the variety of equipment and flavours that prevented a relapse.

It wasn’t all plain sailing and I had a few psychological barriers along the way, ditching the morning and ‚after meal‘ cigarettes were the hardest but with the right mindset getting away from tobacco is definitely achievable and I would recommend that anyone try it, it could save your life, literally!

As I sit here today my lungs have fully recovered and I’m breathing like I did in my youth, my senses of smell and taste have returned, I don’t stink and I’m much happier knowing that I now have something that is much better than smoking and doing far less damage.

I can honestly say that vaping changed my life.

L Hall – Somerset