Kim Zara Garland

I started smoking at 12 and was up to 40 a day by the time I was 17 and stayed that way going up to 60 a day when I finished Uni. Stopped when I was pregnant as smokin made me throw up but started again as soon as I had them (TWIT !!!!). I really needed to pack up the fags as I have asthma and tried all the methods under the sun from patches gum lozenges acupuncture hypno therapy herbal remedies you name it with no success as I am just to much of an addict with a strong addictive personality!!!!!! I started dabbling with vapes about 2 and a half years ago and stopped smokin the same way I started. I replaced vapes with fags bit at a time and that worked for me. I have been ciggy free for almost a month but even during the cutting down phase I noticed a lot of changes in taste smell and preferences. Now that hubby is following in my foot steps life is a lot easier for me and a lot less smelly and the PC remains clean for a change and the ash trays are pretty much history. I still find it hard and need a high nic level as it’s this addictive personality I combat with more than any thing but will power is defiantly getting a fairer chance with vaping. It’s a life style choice now and not a real „need“ and so much more interesting as I love going to my vape shop and spend hours trying devices and different juices.. Just about to go up to an I-stick and an Omh which I am looking forward to VAPE ON DUDES AN DUDETTES