Kim Conway

I was introduced to vaping in 2012 as an alternative to smoking. The first time I tried vaping, I never went back to an analog cigarette. It was incredible. I had previously used smoking cessation tools that were ineffective and quite frankly, dangerous. Drugs that had worse side effects than i was willing to risk by using them long term. I believed in vaping so much, that I decided I had to advocate and introduce my friends. Within 6 months, I had so many people switched over from smoking to vaping. I decided I much share this more broadly. Myself and a friend opened a vape shop in 2013. We have seen this industry have a positive impact on people on a daily basis. We now have a customer base of nearly 2000. We are thanked daily for offering and introducing the only thing that has ever worked for them to stop using tobacco products. Please support the ability for people to choose to change their lives for the better. Thank you.