First tried a stick like dse910 kit back in december 2011 after 10 years of smoking a pack a day. It worked well and i had no issues switching from analogs to e-cigs within 2 weeks of starting. Started to search online for better e-cigs and came across a local forum specific for ecig hobbyists like me and quickly found new ecigs to look at. At present, some hundred different mods and atomisers passed through my hands and i still keep vaping. I enjoy the taste of the eliquids as only your imagination and tastebuds are your limits. Going 3 years strong on vaping and not planning on quitting any time soon, unless new laws try to take over here in Finland.

Overall my health has been getting better, not as nearly often ill or sick and keep getting positive compliments on not smelling like an ashtray. I would highly recommend vaping to any smoker who really wants to quit. Ive tried several times with all of the available meds and help there is but vaping seems to be the only one that helps out. Started at 24mg liquids 3 years ago, now down to 1mg. It does work.