Kevin O’Dea

It was a meal I was having with one of my brothers that was the cause of me stopping smoking.

Firstly, let me take you back over 50 years. Yes, I had been smoking since I was in short trousers.
Back in the 1950’s, there was lots of advertising for cigarettes. Most film stars smoked, so it was seen as the done thing to do.
Over the years I’ve been in stressful jobs (Military) and places, so the cigarette would wake me up, calm me down, keep me alert, go well with a cup of tea. You get the picture?
As time passed I did attempt to cut down (never worked). I’ve used various methods to stop smoking: Patches, gum etc. None worked!
At one time I was going through nearly 60 cigs. a day. So I would say that I was really hooked.

Anyway, back to that meal.
It was one evening in March 2014 and my brother and I were in an oriental restaurant in Milton Keynes (UK). It was getting dark outside when my brother pointed to a man outside who had an object in his mouth that would glow a blue colour every so often.
„Do you know what he’s doing“? he asked.
At this time I’d never even heard of E-cigs.
He then went on to explain about these electronic cigs.
The next day, after my brother went home, I started browsing the WWW.
Lots and lots of information!
So, I thought, let’s have a look into all this elecronic stuff. Can’t do any harm, can it?
Less than a week later, I was the owner of an E-cig. consisting of a refillable tank, two batteries, a charger and some E-juice. (starter kit).
I plugged one of the batteries in and smoked a couple of cigarettes whilst waiting for the it to fully charge. (as you do)
My first vape, was, to say the least. Amazing! It was just what I needed!

That day was March 9th 2014.
Since then I have not smoked a single tobacco cigarette.
This year (2015) I will be 67 years old.
I’m now using a third generation e-cig. Looks nothing like a cigarette, but it has replaced my tobacco usage. Totally!

My tongue has regained its natural colour and my tastebuds are returning.
My lungs no longer gurgle like bad plumbing and that really, really heavy lung clearing cough has gone. I can breath once more.

I’m now classed as a „None smoker“ at my Doctor’s surgery.