I started smoking at the age of 14 and at 30 years old decided I should stop. I tried everything – gum, patches, tablets, Allen Carr’s book and finally champix but the longest I was cigarette free was 3 months (and usually only an hour or two). When all failed – another 21 years later at the age of 52 – I decided it was time to give up giving up.
I had heard of these things called e-cigs and I had tried one in 2007. A friend had picked one up at a trade fair and told me they were the newest thing – I begged and begged him to give it to me and he finally gave in. What a disappointment – I just couldn’t understand what the fuss was about.
In 2013 – and resigned to being a smoker for life – I saw a friend with a similar contraption and he persuaded me to give it a go. I knew immediately it would help me to cut down (and also realised the one I tried in 2007 had a dead battery). I bought a kit the next day. For the first week I still had a couple of cigarettes, the second week just one in the morning but then I gave that up too and became a non-smoker without even meaning to. I started with a high nicotine (2.8%) and I feel so lucky that I started vaping before the upcoming EU TPD restrictions of max. 2% otherwise I would still be a smoker.
For me it’s been a miracle – nearly 3 years later and I have no urge for a cigarette at all. Whereas I couldn’t leave the house without my cigarettes and lighter – now I can go for hours and not think about vaping (and if I’m out for the evening I often don’t even bother taking my vape with me) – my husband still smokes and he can leave his cigarettes lying on the table and I’m not even tempted (he’s still a work in progress).
I don’t intend to ever stop vaping – I may have reduced my nicotine and be much less reliant on it than I was on cigarettes but I know what is likely to happen if I get stressed and don’t have it available. If it isn’t accessible (or the equipment is not efficient enough due to restrictions) then I will end up smoking again. I feel so much better now that I don’t want that to happen.