Juhani Orelma

I was a smoker for around 17 years, started at 14. Was up to a pack a day right after I turned 18 and could legally buy cigarettes. In the last decade or so I tried and failed at quitting several times, inhalers and gums were absolutely horrible and unusable, trying to reduce consumption only made me more nervous about the whole quitting business and I ended up smoking more as a result. Some cold turkey decisions as well, but they didn’t last more than a few hours due to anxiety and irritability. The usual withdrawal things happened, irritation and anxiety being the most common ones.
Then I found e-cigarettes in the summer of 2013, decided to give it a go. Problem is, nicotine is classified as medicine in Finland and I had no idea about online sales so all I could get was zero nic juices and some rather useless ce4 from a local gas station.. while it did help cravings a bit, once the device predictably stopped working properly and didn’t provide any satisfaction I went right back to smoking and forgot about them for a year. July of 2014 I decided to really try and quit, took part in a trial of a lozenge that was supposed to bind to chemicals that induce a reward.. and all they did was basically make smoking taste good, since you were supposed to have one and then light up. They really did taste nice, masked the flavor of cigarettes well but had zero impact on cigarette consumption (nice work there, yeah). But that experience did get me thinking about e-cigs again and the fact that there IS an alternative that presumably does taste good, but doesn’t contain any smoke.
So I went ahead and ordered some nic juice from Spain to use in my still-very-crappy-ce4, but horrible as the device was.. my smoking dropped from 25 a day to 4 a day overnight. After that I only smoked one in the morning. I quickly upgraded my vaping things, started making my own juices and using drippers in a month.. Three months in I was smoking once per week, another month and it was once per month and now I’ve been free of cigarettes completely for two months. Cravings completely went away once I got rid of the morning cigarette habit, withdrawal symptoms have been so mild and transient I’m not even sure I had any.. and really don’t find any reason to smoke at all anymore. I occasionally do I guess, but any addiction I did once have for smoking is completely gone.
Smell, taste and breathing are slightly better now.. Not by a whole lot, but better. The biggest impact vaping has had on my life is all the research, writing, graphic design and event organization things I do for the association Vapers Finland and a LOT of new, amazing friends. I enjoy educating and helping everybody who is curious about vaping, so I do that a lot as well. Also vaping has driven me into learning a lot about electricity, chemistry and various other things 🙂 It’s a sort of complete overhaul 🙂 Love it 🙂