I smoked in my teens.
Stopped for years.
Started again (dafty!)
Stopped, started, stopped, started, you know the drill – hard to stop easy to start.

A good few years ago prices were rising.
I told myself when it was more than £5 for 20 I would stop.
Three things drove me to stopping:-
1) Money / cost
2) Smell (Stink!)
3) Health
Each persons reasons will be different and vary in priority but those were mine.

I move on to roll ups in an effort to save cost.
Probably around 2009/2010 I bought cigalike things from amazon.
They were horendous. Small plastic tips that the coil punctured a foil to let a tiny amount of juice wick in to the coil.
Upgraded to more traditional cigalike screw on that started to appear (or I found through better looking) E-Lites brand.
I start to buy juice and ‚refill‘ my E-Lite tips.
All this time I am sort of 50/50 smoking / vaping.
I do this for around 2.5 years, stop roll ups for 4 months and then have 5 fags a a golf event.
The last fag I have I am actually smoking and saying „This is minging, tastes foul, Stinks, I will never smoke again“
That was 2.5 years ago and I have not had a fag or rolly. No intention of ever having one.
Vaping progressed for the world and me (as it does) through these 5 or so years.
Menthol juice only – Cigalike – Ego & CE4 – E Vod – Vision Spinner – MPT 3 – (begin rebuilding stock coils)- E Mow- (begin mixing own juice and moving away from menthol) – Istick 20 – Mini Nautilus – Istick 30 – Sub Tank mini – Istick 50 – RBA deck and coil build on Sub Tank – Sigelei 75 TC.

Technology moves and becomes ever cheaper.
I LOVE vaping and have no intention of stopping.
Love to blow (fairly) big clouds and toot away.
Will not smoke but will continue to vape.

Currently have 2 Sub tank minis running RBA at around 0.5~1 ohm.
Used on Istick 30 & 50 but the 30 about to be relegated by yesterdays purchase of Sigelei 75 TC
Might venture in to temperature control – at least I am semi future proofed (for a few months anyway!).

John – 40