John Summers

I smoked from the age of about 20 until I was 39… That was 5 years ago.

At the end I was smoking 30+ per day, chest infection or not. My family hated the smell, my teeth were stained, my fitness was shot and the health issues were obvious. I had no energy, my lung capacity was down, I had constant colds and chest infections.

And the money? Dear god, the amount I threw away on something that was killing me! Tens of thousands of pounds….

I’m a geek. I studied the sciences and Chemistry, have always been into computers and gadgets. So seven years ago I came across e-cigs, the early days. I bought one, tried it, didn’t work. But I kept trying….

Those were the early days, the cigalikes that look like (or in some cases are) the devices Big Tobacco & Pharma would have you use. The liquids were vile and the tech useless. I was a dual user.

Innovations came and went. Better cartridge fillers, capsule tanks, bigger batteries etc. Then the mini tanks, which were a big improvement. But still not quite it, not enough to get me off the tobacco.

Which is when the variable voltage and other more powerful devices started to turn up. Bigger, better tanks with proper wicking, replaceable coils. Better juices

Boom. That was 5 years ago and I’ve not touched tobacco since.

Regulations are not a bad thing, but the TPD is. It’s not designed to ensure product or public safety, it’s all about protecting vested interests and giving a concession to the tobacco companies.

Leak proof designs, small tanks, flavourings… all a load of nonsense. Everything we use at the moment that’s not fake or obviously stupid is SAFE ENOUGH. Product safety laws already exist and the powers that be don’t enforce them properly!

Please, for me and all the other smokers that can be saved, for their families…. Oppose the TPD and other anti-vaping laws.