John Brians

I smoked for 15 years, since high school. I’ve noticed my breathing, sex life and stamina have improved greatly ever since I quit smoking tabbacco, as have many others who have shared their story.
I’ve also paid my fair share in taxes purchasing cigarettes, especially at $12.50 a pack. I haven’t purchased cigarettes ever since I started vaping which in itself is a huge win and then there’s the financial aspect which is a huge plus.

My feeling is that the government is shaking down vappers in an attempt to extort more taxes which will not only help the inept government overspend more of our taxpayers money but will also help the big tabbacco/insurance companies and their lobbyists who contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars ensuring our government implements policies that in the end keep us sick and needy.

Finally I would just like to call out our NDP representative, France Gelinas who is vehemently against vappers,vape shops, vape clouds, vape juice and anything vape related. Apparently France is confused and armed with her ignorance she’s on a campaign against vappers, even though the British Public Health agency had released an independent study proving that manipulation, lies and greed are feeding the anti vapping industry even though it has been proved to be 95% safer then smoking tabbacco or using tabbacco related products.