Jim MacGregor

Well here is my story. Started smoking when I was 11/12 (can’t remember exactly) smoked for 58 years 25-30 cigs a day. Got diagnosed with emphysema and doctor put on the patch..that lasted a month with no smoking.Next round (1 feww years later) tried again with Zyban…that lasted 2 weeks, feww years later tried again usin Zyban, Patch Gum at the same time that lasted two months. June 2014 I got e-cig kinda enjoyed it but still craved a cigarette, so upgraded to Mod with 24mg mic in a tank..worked my way down to 12mg nic now and haven’t had a cigarette since Aug 4 2015. I had scans done of my lungs last year (before quitting and the August after being cigarette free for a year and going to see if my lungs have changed or not.