I´m now 41 years old and started smoking cigarettes at the age of 15. A year and 3 months ago my father, who started vaping, gave me an e-cigarette as a present. From that day on I started vaping and stopped smoking cigarettes. I use 20-50 watt mods with clearomizer. I did not change the nicotine strength of 12mg, because I´m afraid that I could miss something, but I guess that is only in my head. In the last two months I started smoking a few cigarettes when I went out with other smokers and drank alkohol, but I will stop that again, because it makes no sense. Before I started vaping I never tried to quit smoking, because I was afraid of putting on weight. The longest time without a cigarette was 3 days when my wisdom teeth were pulled out. I smoked about one package per day. I also smoked in my flat. That caused bad smell and white things like doors and wallpaper went yellow after a while. Since I started vaping we decorated the flat and bought new white doors, that will stay white! I never liked to use nail enamel, because my triggerfinger nail used to get yellow after a while. Now, I like to use nail enamel, because that doesn´t happen anymore. I live in Germany and in many pubs it is allowed to vape but not to smoke. I´m not anymore the person that stands always outside in the cold. My non-smoking friends told me, that they noticed that I do not smell like cold smoke anymore. I think that my taste and sense of smell went better, since I stopped smoking and also my vital capacity. I think that smoking e-cigarettes is much better for everyone´s health than usual cigarettes and a perfect instrument to reduce ore stop smoking for a lot of people. At the moment an other positive effect is, that you save a lot of money, when you change from smoking to vaping, I hope this will stay as it is.