Jessica M

I started vaping because I smoked 40+ a day. I enjoyed a cigarette and before work I would chain smoke with my coffee. I always went outside for a cigarette with the door closed and I took my little boy to the doctors with a chest problem. The doctor asked me if I smoked so I said yes but I go outside and shut the door so none of the smoke gets to him. The doctor then told me the smoke from cigarettes can cling to clothes and irritate kids chests. I broke down in the doctors feeling extremely guilty. The doctor said it was a number of things but the smoke on my clothes would not be doing any favours so I asked him if these ecigs I heard of were any good. He said there wasn’t many investigations of them however they are defiantly better than smoking and listed me all the benefits. I walked out the doctors with my son and put all my cigarettes straight in the bin. I got myself a starter kit and started vaping. I have had no cravings for a real cigarette at all. I get the hit in my throat from an ecig aswel Al my nicotine and the hand to mouth. I had been smoking 10 years and have only been vaping a couple of week buy have no intentions of starting again. I can already breathe better smell better and taste better. There is no messing about rolling cigs. No smelly dirty ash or smoke and no cravings. I thought I’d never be able to give up smoking but vaping has helped me so much. I still get my nicotine and everything without putting me or my son at risk.