I was a smoker for 9 years. I started smoking store bought cigarettes because I thought they would help me loose weight. They barely did help. As years passed the cigarettes were becoming more and more expensive until I decided I can’t afford this habit and after an unsuccesful quitting attempts with patches and gum I moved onto rolling my own cigarettes from smuggled tobacco. It was cheaper but even more unhealthy and tasted really bad. I watched my teeth and fingers turn yellow, had cough and bad taste in my mouth all the time. A bit later I bought an ego e-cig but after a while it wasn’t satisfactory. The lack of battery state indicator and the process of changing batteries and liquid made it a chore. Eventually it broke and I went back to rolling. Recently I quit cold turkey for a year but living with a smoker I relapsed. I figured out the technology of e-cigs must have been improved in the meantime and I invested in two decent quality sets of mods and tanks for me and my girlfriend. Finally I found a good alternative both for cigarettes and illegal tobacco. We haven’t looked back. We can comfortably smoke at home without opening windows all the time, our breath doesn’t smell like ashtray, our teeth and fingers don’t change color and we feel healthier. Current mods and tanks are practical and we can buy e-liquid in bulk, cheap from the internet, from a small vendor and producer, legally. Life is good and the habit of smoking is no longer a pain. With only nicotine in e-liquid I can see myself quitting some day but for now I just want to vape in peace. I’m all for reasonable regulations like not selling to minors or listing ingredients on bottles of e-liquid but if the regulations will ban 5 ml tanks, cheap e-liquid in 50ml bottles, vaping outside etc. the only real alternative to smoking will be gone. Let’s be realists, huge majority of smokers can’t quit smoking. This is why we need e-cigarettes. We need them to be cheap, good capacity, good quality and available. I’m not going to be spending good portion of my income on cigarettes. They have become ridicously expensive. So if you are going to damage vaping so it won’t longer be a good alternative I’ll try my best to quit for the last time and if I fail, I’ll be out of good options.