Jack Bruce

I first smoked at around age 10, I grew up around smokers. My mum, my grandmother and my great aunt all were smokers and smoked around me so it felt like the normal thing to do. I started smoking properly at about age 14. All the time I knew it would end up killing me. When I was 17 (2008) my great aunt (who was my rock and I miss her dearly) died as a result of angina and a stroke – this without a doubt was due to smoking and that’s was the start of my desire to quit smoking. I tried numerous things, patches, gum, weening my self off by cutting down, I did try vaping using the gamucci ecig and the tw tornado and battery but I found that it didn’t compare to smoking and I carried on with the fags.
Fast forward to 2013 and my partner and I are expecting our second child, in April after a lengthy stay in the hospital she goes into pre term labour and our daughter Annalise is still born. With our whole world turned upside down we both start smoking heavier than ever before. After a few months of literally chain smoking roll ups I dust off some old screwdriver ecigs my grandfather had sent me when he upgraded and give vaping another go again I couldn’t get on with it because it did not give me the hit that a cigarette could and there was not as much ’smoke‘ as a cigarette, and so on I went chain smoking.
In December of that year I took the decision to just quit smoking cold turkey, and then for the next 14 months I endured what can only be described as an intense hatred for all the smokers I saw, I was jealous of the fact that they were able to smoke, seemingly care free, whilst I wanted for nothing more than those little white sticks to be hanging out of my mouth while I puffed on them! I could not feel the health benefits, if anything I felt like I felt worse!
Then I lost my job and became even more irate that I couldn’t smoke, I kept telling myself that I shouldn’t smoke but that little devil on my shoulder kept telling me ‚do it it’ll make you feel a whole lot better for it.‘
As the walls of my will power started to crumble I knew I had to do something, so I looked into vaping once more, went to my local vape shop and I purchased an EMOW kit, and started using 0mg liquid, now this worked well under the circumstances as I felt like I was commuting the act of smoking without the nasty chemicals being pumped into me.
About a month later I bought a bottle of 3mg juice and the second I vaped it I felt normal again, like everything was complete again. I was happy. Happy that I wasn’t smoking, happy that I wasn’t taking in all those nasty chemicals.
I then remembered why I didn’t get on with vaping before and I purchased an Istick 50w and isubg tank.
This was perfect and I’m still using it now and I’m waiting on a delivery for the 100w, I make my own coils and juice now and it’s a hobby of mine.
I’ll admit that it’s probably best I did neither, but I would take a vape over going back to cigarettes ANY day.
As it stands I feel I am using my device as an alternative to smoking and not as a stop smoking aid, I don’t know how many other people are using them in the same capacity as I am, but I do know that if I didn’t vape I would be smoking right now.
So that says it all!