Hello everyone. My english isnt really good but ill try to do my best to make it understandable 😀

I was smoking for almost 15 years 1-2 packets of cigaretes per day.

2 weeks ago i saw some random review of vape. i was curiuos, so i started to investigate a bit.

after doing research, i saw that vaping is way more safer and way more cheaper.

i was afraid that i wont be able to stop smoking with vape just like that. i thought its gonna be hard.

BUT, i contacted a guy in the shop thats selling everythign that you need for vaping. he introduced me to everything i need to know as a beginner.

after talking to him for almost and hour. i bought joyetech exceed d19.
bought 2 e juice bottles with watermelon and regular tobaco flavor, one with 12mg nicotine and one with 6mg.
the moment i started vaping i ditched cigarettes!
im week and half in vaping and since then i didnt even touched cigarettes. i droped to 3mg dose of nicotin. and i hope ill go fully nicotine free.

thanks to vape i have spared alot of money in such a short time and now i dont wake up in the morning caughing my lungs out.

as a new member in vaping community i just want to say, that vaping is and as much of you people say its not, it is safer then smoking cigarettes.

even my brother and his wife are interested in waping since they know i was hardcre smoker and i quit just like that.

leave flavors and vapes alone!