I smoked for 10 years, stopped for 5 smoked for a year and then quite again, both times cold turkey. Cigarettes were my go-to stress reliever.

My health is a thread/book of its own, outwardly I seem fine, however I have sustained severe neurological damage as a result of aggressive Multiple Sclerosis, which has resulted in neuropathy and confidence issues. When I am stable, I pass as normal, when I am bad, I have lack of mobility, spasticity, vision distortion, severe pain and also communicative difficulties. I work full time and although I use injections and several meds to contain the disease (if I can), few people know about it.

Vaping came into my life through CBD oil (cannabinoid oil), with an oil based vape pen, I experimented to see if it helped. It was expensive and proved inconclusive. I dropped the CBD but kept on with vaping, finding it therapeutic and totally enjoyable.

I vape 0mg Nic free and have used coil building and juice making, to maintain and improve on my fine motor skills. I started as usual with a CE4 atomiser and Ego battery and have worked my way through almost everything, now with RDA’s as a preference and Mech Mods, Box Mods and a huge collection of juice.

I like the vaping community and enjoy my vape, it’s my two secret sides, two things I’m not out about.. MS & Vaping.

POTV and the apes here are the best online community I have encountered, I’m pleased I found you.