I am 71 years old and started smoking about 50 years ago. My daughter started vaping and my interest awoke. She bought a new e-zigarette and gave me her old one a week later and I stopped smoking cigarettes from that day. That happened over a year ago. Since then I only smoked one cigarette, because I was locked out without my e-zig. I use mods with 20 watts and liquid with 12mg nicotine. I put on some weight since then, but I don´t think that is the fault of the e-zig. But the change had a very big influence to my health. I had a very bad cough since about 5 years and the doctor said it was a chronic bronchitis. I also had to use asthma-sprays to get it a bit better, but mostly in the morning I could not sleep anymore because of this terrible cough. In my stupid opinion this cough was not caused by smoking cigarettes but by pills against high blood-pressure. A few days after starting to vape I realised that I was lying to myself all the time, it was the cause of smoking of course. My “chronic bronchitis” is gone, I don´t have to use the asthma-spray anymore and I can sleep much better, because the cough is totally gone.