Iben P.

I have been smoking cigarettes since I was 14. I quit a couple of times with different things, patches, Allen Carrs book, Zyban, but I always lit up again.
April 2013 I came upon this new vapeshop in my neighbourhood, and I went in out of curiosity.
The shop let you try out the products, and I was blown away! Next payday I got 2 sets, one for me and one for my man.
We quit real cigarettes right then and there, and we have not been smoking cigarettes since!
We have updated our gear (Egrip Oled with coils from Eleaf GS Air) and we mix our own juice to control the strength. We get the juice from countries where vaping is legal, and thus controlled.
We started out on 18 mg, and we are now at 9 mg (me) and 11 mg (man).
Vaping has changed our lives. We are non-smokers now.
The vapeshops are important, that’s where you go for advice … the last time I was there, the shopkeeper was showing the ropes to a little old lady. She could not have gotten this help from the internet.
Vaping gives you that psycological break, that some smokers find hard to give up. We get the pleasure of smoking, without smoking. It’s brillant!