Hello, on the beginning i apologize my lack of English speech . Im 25 years old, male and i send this to you as a Polish citizen. My story is as for many simple i started to smoke when i was on my collage years then i smoked like whole big pack of ciggarets a day (24 in a pack), as i smoked for about 8 years it was realy hard to quit smoking when i entered the adulthood becouse of work i did and i do now too. Im builder, plus i do my studies in the same time. In work there are like 85% of smokers so it was hard to get „kick punch“ for boosting morale to quit smoking. Then one of my friends at studies showed me his way to quit smoking. He gave me a simple e-cigarette and than the journey began. After about 2 weeks i didnt even think about going for normal „stinky“ cigarette, even the smell of it was disturbing to me, after some time passed by i tryed to smoke normal ciggarete…
It was so bad i gave it back with whole pack to someone else that was smoking in that place.
So i started at 12mg nicotine now i go with 0 mg of nicotine and its fine. I wish to quit totaly after new year and it gets realy simple, i just dont charge the batteries and i dont feel i need to use it.
My vaping devices are mechanical mod for outdoor vape and electronical mod indoor, so i can vape it as i like it ( ofc i dont smoke indoor but when im at home i just go for the balcony as its the only place i feel like its good for it)/

I tryed many things capsules „desmoxan“ nicorete plasters and such but it just was not handling well.

After i got my first vape device my parents noticed that my voice is getting more clean, i do care of body and i go to the gym so i can be more efficient in work and it just made my form got way better breath was stable after hard workouds in about 1 month it was amazing for me as after 25 km run i never could get a normal stable breath as i do now.

But nothing comes free handed, i noticed that i was allergic to NI200 coils so now i use titanium coils with temperature control and its all good.

Thank You for reading my response.
Kind Regards
Krystian B.