Heiko Verhoeven

I smoked since the age of 14. Yes, driven by the experience that my parents smoked. Easy access to cigarettes enabled me to use them, driven by the psychological effect that I wanted to be realized as a cool person in the school etc.pp. ..
Anyway, I have started 1983. I tried to quit smoking various times in between, with nicotine tapes, nicotine-chewing-gums, Neurasan injections, hypnotic training, cold exit etc.pp.
Anyway, longest time was 2 weeks without smoking…
In 2014, February, my colleague offered me one of his EVOD E-Zigarettes, and explained me the use, the technique behind, the risk and the benefits. The 1st of March I smoked the last cigarette (or half of it) as I realized that with the use of the e-Zigarette I had no extra kick smoking a real cigarette. And since that day I have not touched a single cigarette any more. Now, 2016, I still vape, but with 0 Nikotin. There is no real need to vape, it is just a kind of hoppy and a good tool to keep me far away from cigarettes. Anyway, since March 2014 I do feel much better. I stopped coughing, my entire health system is running better and even a cold is not that drastic any more than in the past. I smell everything, walking into a bakery is still overwhelming me with the beautiful smell of fresh bred. My wife likes to kiss me again and I am happy to be a different leader to my child than my parents were to me. The only thing that I am not happy with is that my decision to try the e-zigarette was too late. I could have save tremendous amount of money. The Nikotin products from the „health care companies“ did not work and are expensive. The Neurasan injections ( I have done this twice) was extremely expensive with a negative result as well. And you can imagine that hypnoses are not for free as well. My personal starter Kid was below 50 Euro. Less that 10 packs of cigarettes and the best investment in my life extension as well as the best investment for my social community. I stopped stinking like an ashtray and I am able to do sports again. Even my blood pressure improved. I feel good, I feel great. As per my point of view, vaping would need to be supported by local Governments as this seems to be a great chance to clean up the smoking issues.