Heidi Makkonen

I did smoke from the age 9, over 30 years. I tryed everything to stop smoking; Champix, counseling, nicotine bandages and chewing gums, pills, etc. Sometimes I managed to be non smoker few months.
At the age of 40 I gave up, I thought that I can´t stop. I just smoked cigarets.
I was 43 year old, when I noticed some smoke-free e-pipes at my friend´s home and he told me what are those. I ordered some atomizers from england via internet. 16.2.2012 I received those by mail.
17.2.2012 I smoked my last cigaret.
First year I used e-liguid with lot of nicotine. Then I started to drop the amount of the nicotine. About a year ago I drop of the nicotine. I used only mint flavor with no nicotine about half a year. I used mostly eGo-cartomizators.
Then this year on February I stoped vaping. Now I am so happy not smoking any more!
With out vaping I couldn´t do that.
Now I don´t cough any more and my clothes dont smell, car seats are clean. And it is so much easyer when I don´t need to find the place and time to get smoke all the time.
And the best thing is, that my 25 year old daughter is now starting to vape and she is trying to quit smoking too!