Hans-Peter Albrecht, Kassel, Germany

I had been smoking a pack a day for 40 years, had tried to quit unsuccessfully numerous times cold-turkey, with patches, with „will-power“. The more attempts the more humiliating it became.
Then vaping came along in 2016. After a short transition time I became smoke-free for good. I couldn’t believe how easy, it was(is). I started using 16mg nicotine and now I’m down to 6mg, favouring fruit-flavoured e-liquids
I still remember the first weeks after switching completely. I would go to sleep and be looking forward to the next morning knowing that I had finally been able to kick the deadly habit – even in an enjoyable, massively less harmful way.
This experience has been extremely empowering for me and inspires me to share it, especially to smokers.
Personal outcomes: better tasting ability, no more coughing, improved fitness, even observed less respirators infections since then.
I would encourage any smoker to give vaping a try (if other quit methods haven’t worked) following the principle:
„Alles kann, nichts muss“(German saying).