What’s your Vaping story?

Why did you start vaping?
quite simply because my mate said ‚try this…‘

How long have you been a vaper?
I originally tried the pen type vaporiser about 2 years ago, didn’t do anything towards giving up smoking. This time around with advanced gear, just over a month. I started vaping at the pub with a mate, sharing his set up with a spare drip tip. We sat out in the sun drinking and passing his Provari & Kayfun back and forth like we might have done 20 years ago with a herbal.

Are you a smoker, an ex-smoker or a non smoker?

Smoked for 33 years, now most definitely an ex-smoker

How has vaping effected you?

In many ways. I feel better than I have in years.

I don’t wheeze or go through the morning respiratory bump start.
my finger tips are no longer orange
my previously chronic hay-fever has all but gone. Haven’t taken steroids or antihistamines for the first time in 10 years
my senses of smell and taste have returned
My friends 6 year old daughter no longer thinks I’m smelly
my car doesn’t smell
I knocked 4 minutes off my morning run after the first week, 6 minutes after 3 weeks
I sleep better at night, certainly dont wake myself up snoring anymore
Hangovers don’t seem to be half as bad, always used to smoke too much on a night out. Sure that really added to feeling like crap the next day.

I’ve found loads of Clippers, they have just appeared! Could never find a lighter when I wanted oneHeHe!

Downsides are
that I haven’t saved any money its awakened the temptation for more shiny things
I’ve gone from making 2 basic coils because I’m tight to (poorly) recreating some of the masterpieces I’ve seen because ‚I need to keep my fingers occupied‘