Why did I start vaping?
I smoked from age 12 with only a few decent attempts at quitting (few months), it drove me up the wall and I’d given up on giving up! I knew a couple of people who made the switch, and I had ‚dabbled‘ with a couple of basic ego/ce4 starter kits, but I only replaced a few cigarettes and mainly kept on smoking. A new guy at work joined me for a few smoke breaks, and he used a cig-a-like, explaining that he still had the odd stinky but smoking was now a substitute for vaping, rather than the opposite. That reminded me that I should replace my last burned out ce4 and try to at least cut down.

I did a little reading and bought an aspire k1 and some new eliquid to use with my ego (on a Monday). For the rest of that week I cut my number of cigarettes in half, replacing them all with a vape. By the Friday I wanted some more juice, so went back to the b&m to get some, and another k1 for my other ego battery. Well, I walked out with an mvp2, a protank 3 and 3 or 4 new liquids. At b&m prices that ran to about £85 -2 months tobacco money!- so I thought I should have a proper go at quitting. I just vaped and vaped, and vaped more when I felt anything like a craving. On day 2 I tried a cigarette but it didn’t make me feel any better (and already tasted crap). That was it!

How long have I been a vaper?
Around 10 months now.

Am I a smoker, ex-smoker or non-smoker?
I’m an ex-smoker but still a nicotine addict.

How has vaping affected me?
I don’t feel super fit, and because of what I was smoking I haven’t even saved much money. I can now smell what ex-smokers were talking about all that time though. I smell a lot better, can taste everything better and will hopefully live a little longer than if I carried on smoking. Above all though, I enjoy it. I would smoke around 30 rollups a day and actually enjoy less than 5 of them. Now every vape is tasty and satisfying. I find it easy to go without for several hours. If vaping is outlawed or prices inflated I’ll just quit completely. I know that I’ll never smoke again.