Started aged 12 or 13, the usual bike shed or top deck of the bus stuff, but it really clicked with me and I smoked every day (and I mean every) for 20 odd years.

In my 30s, tried giving up. Cold turkey lasted about 3 hours, patches gave me nightmares, gum made me literally puke. I never made it more than 2 or 3 months without succumbing, usually after a few pints, then, thinking I’d failed, continuing to smoke the next day, and on and on.

Tried the inhalators and cigalikes, but hated them, then tried my mates ego/ce4 and thought it worth investigating. Being generally nerdy this soon spiralled into mechs, drippers, RTA s etc, and the online resources required to learn.

That was two years ago. I had the odd wobble, always in drink, for the first year, but never accompanied by the usual sense of failure – I never smoked the morning after. The advice I saw on these forums regarding not thinking about the ones you smoked, but concentrating on the ones you didn’t, did the trick.

Now, I honestly can’t remember the last cig I smoked, the very smell knocks me sick. I feel a thousand times healthier, a cold doesn’t result in days off work and copious phlegm, and I suspect my life expectancy has rocketed. If it wasn’t for vaping, and the advice of other vapers, I’d be coming up to 30 years smoking and the inevitable, irreversible health issues. Thank you all.