Georgia Morgan

At nineteen year old, I’m a avid vaper. I used to smoke at least a pack a day, and started at seventeen. After years of refusal, the stress of school, work, trying to help my family, and issues with depression and anxiety, I started smoking. I went from bumming, to buying packs, to finally cartons, where I could easily spend near 70 bucks in cartons of cigarettes, and additional packs if I ran out.

Every time it got cold, I got bronchitis, sinus infections were common. I lost a good portion of my taste and smell thanks to cigarettes, I had more issues with my teeth, especially when I got my wisdom teeth out. I always coughed, always felt winded, and when I tried to sleep all I could focus on was the wheeze of my lungs.

But I got attached to the nicotine. To the anxiety soothing minutes of peace outside the school auto shop with a cig in one hand, nervously fidgeting with the lighter in the other. Money I could have used for clothes, extra food for the family, excursions with friends, went to cigs.

I spent several years like this. I tried vaping a few times here or there, mostly when I was broke and vaping was a cheaper, longer lasting substitute. I tried to quit smoking, but it was nearly impossible in a work place full of smokers, and a home of smokes. Each attempt to quit would send me into spirals of depression and I couldn’t handle.

Finally I did more research on vaping, after trying nicorette and lasting a few weeks, as well as patches and many bouts of cold turkey, I could never shake the smoking. I got into vaping finally with my best friend. We took the dive together, and even though she didn’t smoke, she took the jump along with me to support me and offer me a friend in a world often shrouded in mysterious looking people and foggy windows.

We bought set ups and over night, there was no more craving for a cig. With a mid level set up and a bottle of razzberry yogurt vape juice, I dropped cigs like a football player fumbles. The vape satisfied the flavor aspect, while dragging me away from the taste of cigarettes and giving a just as pleasant alternative. It satisfied the habitual hand to mouth motion a smoker craves. It was something to fidget with and fixate on. It gave me a hobby to distract me from cigs and it wasn’t hard to get off and stay off. Most of all, it replaced the nicotine.

With vaping I replaced the lung killing momentary pleasure of a cigarette with four ingredients, instead of well over 7000. My smelling and taste returned to more healthy levels. I didn’t get sick nearly as much. I felt better in general. Withing a few months, I was healthier than I had been in years, without the struggle of quitting completely. I went from a 18mg liquid at first, eventually down to a 3mg fluid. I did it gradually and did not struggle. If I wish to quit at anytime, I can start cutting my three mg with 0 mg fluid, and keep bringing down the level until I just don’t need it anymore.

My bestfriend who vaped along with me was never a smoker in the fist place, and she started at a 0mg fluid and never felt the want or need to move up. Every vape shop I’ve visited, have a main goal. They want people off of cigarettes, not on them. They provide an interesting alternative to a nearly hardwired human want for a buzz, without the lung infections, dulled senses, and cancer of a cigarette.

I love vaping and at this point, it’s an intergral part of my life. Employees at vape shops want nothing more for vaping to be safe, beneficial to the healthy of the American people, and a great alternative to smoking, giving people who never would have quit before a stupid good chance at success.

The loss of flavors that keep me away from cigs, the destruction of a community built around helping others and being healthier would hurt deeply. I hope you all listen. I hope you understand what you’ll take from people if you pass some sort of stupidity.

If you’re really for the health of the American people, hell, of all people, you’ll understand, that anything is better than smoking, but some can’t quit completely, a safer, cleaner, nearly odorless alternative is your best bet on helping many people come to quit the cigs for good.

-Georgia M