I have been smoking for 35 years and started vaping about 6 years ago.
I am one of the lucky ones, have been able to do the switch without double use and never ever smoke since.
I use a normal atomizer and a very normal and cheap box, nothing fancy because i enjoyed mixing my own juice switching to a safer choice and knowing exactly what I vape.
I already tried to quit.. several times, unfortunately sooner or later I just went back to smoking, too big headed and always thought: I can manage to just smoke one on Saturday with my mates or things like if he can do it why can’t I? switched to pipe cigars, the lot , cigars and cigarettes, I really couldn’t give up, but started to have problems even going up the stairs, you know.. the heart, heavy breathing and feeling oddly tired, but I loved smoking.
My son one evening came home with one of those vaping pens with some menthol vape in it I tried it and thought, well I could give up with this, couple of days after I went to a Vape shop and bought my first gear, 6 years ago in vaping its ages and it wasn’t like today, you just had either this or that or those expensive ones.. Why not try and that’s what I did, I like it and for the first week I promised to myself just to use that, but didn’t miss the cigarettes, the week after I bought one of those expensive ones so that I won’t fall back till I get my money worth, but at the end I never went back to smoking EVER, I feel better, no more heavy breathing, smell, taste heart beat everything went back to normal thanks to vaping!! Do I vape today? Of course I do, but I know that I would go back to smoking if I didn’t have this, so please leave it as a free smoke and effective alternative, it saved my life I would have never be able to give up smoking cancer sticks. Frank