In May 2012 I discovered the e-cigarette by accident because I went downtown and visited an old friend’s store that I hadn’t been to in a long time. To my surprise he had switched to selling e-cigarettes and liquids and gave me a good insight into the product as well as my first device. After smoking for 20 years and numerous attempts to quit it felt like I had discovered the holy grail.

The first two days I felt somewhat of a withdrawal but I was told to expect that so I pulled through and by day 3 I no longer felt the need to smoke actual cigarettes. Two weeks later I decided to have a real cigarette for the fun of it but the taste was so vile that I couldn’t even finish it. A few more weeks went by and I started noticing that all my freshly washed clothing still had a scent of cigarette smoke, so I washed everything again and slowly got rid of the cigarette stench at home completely.

Now 3 years later I am still vaping happily with a clean bill of health from my doctor and regained quality of life I previously didn’t have for a decade. The nicotine addiction from cigarettes is one thing but the ritual of „smoking“ is something that becomes part of your life and that is enjoyable to me. Through vaping I was able to maintain my rituals, enjoy my life without the negative side effects of tobacco smoke which would have eventually killed me.

Before discovering the e-cigarette I tried numerous things to quit smoking from going cold turkey to trying acupuncture. Nothing worked for long and I eventually always came back to smoking. When I am on vacation in Spain for example I still enjoy a local cigarette with a cup of coffee every now and then but overall I smoke maybe 10 cigarettes per year and nothing would make me go back to smoking full time at this point.

When I started vaping I had the Ego-T device if I remember correctly and went through a wide variety of devices through the years. I enjoy experimenting with different atomizers and battery types but have recently settled on the Nautilus Mini by Aspire using a Cloupor Mini box mod.