Erik Slavský

I began smoking from my age 15 in the year 1990. I quiet smoking in 2007 for half year and second time 2009 for half year. But I cam back to smoking. In 2013 I discovered electronic cigarettes. From this time I smoked outside buildings and vape inside buildings. So I was combine Vaper and smoker in one time. But from beginning 2015 I discovered Temperature control mod´s -so now I use only vape and finished smoking from February this year and will never come back to regular smoking. And also I lowered nicotine level from 18mg to just 0-6mg. The reason I started to Vape, it is not disturbing public-my wife is OK with this alternative. I do not stink after cigarettes. I breath better, can run much more, and smell and feel better tastes. I do not see any negative to Vaping from my perspective and I do also not hear anything negative from non-smokers around me.