Erich Breckoff

I was smoking about 25 years when I found the first newspaper articles about e-cigarettes.
Given they where still written some way honest and objective and i did not plan to stop smoking anytime soon (I just like my nicotine, thankyouverymuch) I ordered two egoT and switched one day to the other, my main reason for that to reduce the likelihood of developing cancer and cocp.

I was at this point the opinion that smoking did not effect me in an negative way but after about three weeks found out that my health as a whole improved quite a lot, beside my sense of smell and taste (That i did expect due to the lack of combustion products aka smoke)

Now I am for more than one year „off the analogues“
Vaping proved for me to be way more healthy, keeps my rooms clean and my clothing <ahem> moth hole free so to say.

Switching from tabak to vaping was an three day struggle for me followed by reducing my nicotin intake about 80% compared to smoking, the year i am vaping now was free of respiratory ailments like flu or clogged nose and sinus.
My dentist has seen improvement regarding my gums (and was not aware that i stopped the tabak burning habit)
I do eat more than when I was smoking but did not gain weight due to more physical activity and probably due to eating more healthier food (I have to taste the crap I ingest now too!)