Eddie Black

I’m going to open myself up here for this, Normally I’m a pretty private person, but if my „Story“ helps at least one person give up smoking then it will be worth it.

Right then, I’m now 62 years old and I’ve been smoking for most of them.
I started when I was about 13 or so at school with the big boys having a smoke in the bike sheds at school and took to it like a duck to water.
Over the years I gradually smoked more and more, at the end up I was lighting up a fresh one from the stub of my old one.
i was finding it really hard to justify the amount of money I was spending on tobacco, So I did what I think most people do and started buying smuggled duty free tobacco from „Dodgy Dave“ and his mates down the pub…Even that became a bit of a nightmare as I was buying whole cartons at a time, and the more I had, the more I smoked…

It all went a bit pete tong a couple of years back when I crashed my taxi (I was a taxi driver then) into a parked car, luckily there were no passengers aboard at the time. I was kept in hospital for observation and found to have breathing problems.
I just knew then that I couldn’t continue the way I’d been going on and after a chat to someone I knew who had been at this „Vaping“ lark for a couple of weeks and not had a fag, I thought I’d give it a go….

As per just about every vaper I know, I got myself an Ego pen type battery and a ce4 type tank and a bottle of tobacco flavoured juice and off on my journey I went…I never had another cigarette for a couple of months, I had a roll up at the pub after a few beers and my god it tasted foul, I never finished it, Mind you by that time I was experimenting with different flavours and mechanical mods (Just battery tubes and a tank).

Tried a ciggy again some months later and after a few draws spat it out as it tasted disgusting.

Here I am a couple of years later, I can breath again, I can get around a lot better without having to stop to get my breath back and I have a whole collection of both mechanical mods and electronic regulated mods along with a whole selection of atomisers to use and play around with….
When I retired from driving my taxi, I decided to import for sale to other vapers equipment that was cheaper than most of the shops, I’ll never make enough money at it to invest in the stock market, or buy myself a Greek island but I make enough to get by on…And I just love the whole Idea of vaping as a hobby

Had I not got into vaping when I did, I’d be dead by now…That’s not just something written down here for shock value, It’s a genuine statement, I’d be DEAD.
I’ve got a new lease of life that I’d never have had without vaping.

To anyone who reads this, Go On..Try It…You Have Nothing To Lose, And Everything To Gain

Eddie Black, Glasgow Scotland.