Ed Morgan

I started smoking as an adult, I was around 21, I think. I did so as a means to relax and get away from stress. I always enjoyed smoking, all the way until to day I quit. I had no health problems, aside from a few breathing problems. But I wanted to quit for my wife. She is a nonsmoker and didn’t like the smell, but she tolerated it for me.

I saw a commercial for Blu ecigs, and thought this might be for me. Nothing else would work, I think mainly because I never really wanted it, so NRTs failed in my case. I did try them for a while, but I hated them and went back to smoking every time. But when I saw that commercial, I thought this could be it. I ordered a kit, and while they were alright, they weren’t perfect. So I looked a little more and found a company called Volcano. I ordered their Magma kit, which was also a cigalike, but it was one you could adjust a little more and I liked it. I never smoked again after that date, Nov. 7, 2012. I soon moved up to a Lavatube device in the Volcano line, which was even more advanced and I liked it even more. I became what I refer to as a hobbyist vaper. I collect different mods and tanks, as well as use them. I love vaping and the new life it has given me. My wife no longer hates the smell. The breathing problems I had are completely gone. Most importantly, I don’t smoke. I enjoy collecting new mods and trying new things. Vaping is always evolving and it is getting better with each new turn. I try to help other smokers now to find the happiness I have found. Most don’t go as far as I have, and that is fine. There’s room for all in the vaping world.