I am old – very old – but still alive. I smoked for over 50 years not heavily – about 5 packs a week. Over the last 10 years of my smoking life I tried to quit many times – I tried all available methods but I needed my friend nicotine so all methods failed dismally. Just about 2 years ago I was on the Amazon website looking at things in general and noticed ecigs for the first time. I then visited a great many sites reading up on all the things I could find and decided to give it a go – I had nothing to lose after all my attempts to stop.
I purchased an Ego starter kit and some virginia tobacco juice – it made me cough – but so did cigarettes when I started. I kept at it and soon got the hang of it but was still smoking cigarettes – I could not get the satisfaction I needed. I read more – learned that adjusting the power changed the taste until you found what you wanted so I bought a simple VV battery – it had 3 settings – high medium and low – very sophisticated. This was the start of a love affair – the difference was amazing. I soon moved on to my first ‚mod‘ an Innokin MVP and after reading even more I bought a Nautilus Mini and some toffee juice which I mixed with the tobacco – I had arrived. I have not had a cigarette in over 18 months in that time vaping has become an extra hobby for me – the amount of ’stuff ‚ I have is rediculous but I love it. I have even started to sub ohm at times with the help of a sat. nav. so I know where I am going. I joined this brilliant forum in April and have learned a lot from the kind and patient folks here – no question is too rediculous for them and since joining I am enjoying vaping even more.
While writing this I have my Coolfire 4 with a Triton tank – enjoying every minute.