After countless attempts to stop using a wild variety of aides such as zyban, champix, Alan Carr, laser therapy, hypnotherapy, counseling, nicotine patches, nicotine gum, nicotine mouthspray (which consistently gave me hiccups, a sign of nicotine poisoning) first gen e-cig from 2004 and finally cold turkey and some in combination. (I estimate around 30-35 tries in total), I was finally able to quit smoking.
My last attempt using e-cigs has only been possible due to the enormous amounts of progress that has been made since 2004. Back then I saw the potential, I even tried the bigger ones like cigar and pipe, but two things were not evolved enough back then: firstly almost only tobacco flavors were possible and secondly they were not powerful enough. When I came in contact with the technology again, I noticed on both fronts there was immense progress and I decided to try again. I sarted out with an ego battery and cartomizer, cherry flavor. This helped me through the first wee, but was not enough. Then I used the protank3 which was a big step up, but also lacked to fill my need completely. (Although if it would be the end, the max, I would have had enough) I went to a local vape shop who helped me to choose a better system with my first sub ohm tank, the joyetech eVic VT with ego ONE Mega tank. This let me also switch from „mouth to lung“ to „direct to lung“ which was for me the way to go. I am now smoke free for three months, except last week when I forgot my device and after about 6-8 hours needed my nicotine fix, I smoked 1 cigarette and found it completely disgusting. Next time in the same situation I will wait. Now I am a hobbyist and bought another mod, tanks and RDAs. I started out with 18 mg nicotine and am now on 3 mg. Ok, going sub-ohm also made me dial it down as one uses more liquid. But I calculated and with ego I consumed around 50 mg nicotine per day (about 3ml/day), and now I use around 8 ml juice per day bringing my total nicotine intake at 25 mg which means half of my initial use. With cigarettes my nicotine intake was around 60-70 mg on a daily basis, heavy high nicotine tobacco, heavy smoker.
I smoked for around 40 years, have been diagnosed with ADD and I always felt smoking helped me to focus and concentrate. Lately research shows nicotine patches help people with an ADD diagnosis, so in retrospect I was probably self medicating. This also explains why it was so hard to give up smoking: I needed my focus fix. Also why regular NRT did not work, as I needed my fixes when I needed them (like NOW!). Although with e-cigs the fix is not so sharp, it is certainly more accute as patches. Gum gave me stomach aches and with mouthspray I got to high nicotine levels giving me nicotine poisoning side effects of hickups and dizziness.
My initial intention was to go nicotine free, but I am not sure I will be able to do that. However I started mixing my own e-liquids, so I am able to better dose my nicotine (eg 2, 1 or even less mg/ml) we will see. The home brewing is brought on by the TPD, as flavors, PG, VG even nicotine are separately available (and will remain to be as the components are used for other things too), I believe it necessary to learn the art of mixing before it is impossible.
All in all I am glad I made the switch, and I am confident I can keep it up. Certainly after my 1 cigarette I lighted after almost 3 months cigarette free. I never experienced such a bad taste and immediately wondered why I never tasted that before. (Probably because when I started, mid ’70s, my whole family (parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents) smoked). At least I never want to taste it again. Also I am convinced my strategy not to start vaping using tobacco tastes (because of my earlier experience with tobacco taste) has helped me to loose the taste for tobacco.
I notice, even after a few weeks allready, that my health got better, because when i caught a cold it was over in 3-4 days where normally I would at least sniffle and cough for over a week. I also notice i climb stairs with more ease and walking also seems to cost less effort. Food tastes better (some worse), sense of smell improved.
All in all switching to vaping gave me four things
1) no more stinky stick, better smell in my living room.
2) a noticeable health increase allready
3) a hobby, keeping up with mods, tanks, trying out, building coils and what’s not.
4) a passion to help others to start vaping. I can say I started vape advocacy, which means keeping up with current science, grading science and debunking bad science when encountered. Also I believe it to be my responsibility to counter PH, BT, BP lies with current science, experience or even opening up the veins of corruption, funding dependencies and zealotry.

If you have come to the end of my story: I congratulate you to finish the rants and ramblings of a new enthusiastic vaper. If you still doubt if vaping is good for you, then try to,talk to a vaper, he or she will certainly help you further by direct advice or letting you know where to get good advice. If you decide to start, I wish you all the best and look at my starting up,period: sometimes you need to modify what you use to be succesful.