I took up the fags just before I was 14. I smoked 17 a day till I went to work in Africa where it went up to 200 a week (circa 1984). Changed to low tar fags – went up to 40 a day. Went back to less low in tar stinkies as I smoked a lot less of them.

Spent the year 85-86 smoking homemade fags rolled up in the airmail Guardian with home made glue from rice boiled for a few hours. And local tobacco – high quality but very high tar too. Then Chinese stinkies appeared on the market – they had been far too long in a warehouse – when you lit one of these things, maggots would jump out of it.

Returned to the UK – back to 200 a week.

Went to work in a hospital (late 89). Where I still work.

Tried a 901 ecig – failed miserably. Got given an eGo-T. Failed to use it.

Took a 25% pay cut (Thank F*ck you very much NHS).

Could no longer afford to smoke.

Dug out the eGo.

Never entirely got past the stinky things (TBH still haven’t.).

Vaped and lost a lot of weight as by the time I’d fed the dogs there wasn’t enough left to feed me.

Got to eat for about 2.5 weeks per month. Vaped a lot more (But bought stinkies when I could – by this time had gone from 40-5 a day (but not by choice))

Managed to switch almost completely to vaping.

Managed to get the mortgage paid off so suddenly could afford to get the mutts to the vets, to be able to eat enough (And a bit more than enough – put on 50lbs in weight Sad)

Then early this year a friend of mine died at 67. Not sure why Kay’s death hit me as hard as it did. That got me back on to the fags big time.

Now I’m back to vaping but am not entirely stinky free. Wish I was…