Don Gourmand.

16 months ago my neighbour bought an e cigarette, over the years we had both shared many a smoke together outside, as our respective girlfriends had banished us from the confines of our own homes. He urged me to try it, but I refused retorting that those things are full of chemicals and the stuff they use in antifreeze.
3 months later, after a particularly tough workout I found myself gasping for air as I reached home and so I decided to investigate what I could do to improve my health. Determined to stop smoking once and for all after a 25 year habit, I started to research the world of vaping; “A fad, a trend, dangerous, unproven health benefits” screamed the media and so I began to dig deeper and discovered that not only were e cigarettes healthier, they also had a far lower rate of recidivism.
This was the key for me, if I was going to do this I wanted something that worked, not some pills that had caused mental health issues amongst some people, nor those patches that made me sick the last time I tried them, no, this time I was giving up for good.
After hours spent researching on and some more watching Phillip Busardo on youtube I made my decision and on the 20th of June 1014 I smoked my last cigarette and started vaping.
In the last 14 months, my health has improved dramatically, I no longer even want a cigarette, and find myself watching smokers with disbelief, knowing that until they really want to change there is no point in trying to tell them about the benefits of vaping. My exercise routine is now easier and although I am no Adonis, I now sneer at staircases and have no problems hiking at the weekends.
My sleep patterns have improved and my SO confirms that I snore less, she has also been impressed by a marked increase in my libido, something that brings a smile to both our faces.
Please do not take my word for the benefits of not blowing smoke, ask your representative to do the research by reading the latest medical studies by Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos . Ask them how much money they or their party have received from Tobacco and Pharmaceutical companies? Ask them to show you the studies that vaping normalises smoking and has increased rates of smoking amongst teenagers? Finally ask them to compare and contrast the ingredients of e liquids and the vapour with exhaust emissions from cars.