Dave S

I was a smoker, out and out fully paid up really enjoyed it smoker.

I started smoking at 15 when at the time 10 regal king size could be bought for 98p from the ice cream van outside our school as long as you showed your national insurance card ! Different times eh !
Back then I suppose it was cool for me and my little group of friends, cool to skive off cross country running and sit in the woods and smoke our ‚jacksons‘ – a code word for not getting caught by the oldies, came about because you would share a 10 pack with a mate so you would get 5 fags each ‚Jackson 5‘

I spent 10 years working in and running restaurants and cocktail bars, From the stress of being a head chef to working in the bar with everyone smoking I was on 20 a day and probably another 20 extra every night out, Marlboro lights were the drug of choice for me.

I always said I would stop at 25, obviously this came and went so 30 became the target, then 35… A pattern emerging. My now wife always knew I smoked but always hated it and I never smoked in the house or in the car when she was there.

At 36 I said enough was enough, I was starting a new job so I thought I would turn over a new leaf as well. I went to a supermarket and bought a cig alike which was utter rubbish, I thought there is no way I can stop smoking – which I loved ! for these stupid things.

A random chap at a garden centre one day saw me with my glow stick and showed me his ego pen and told me to go see a local guy who sold ego’s and juice from his house.
Sounds dodgy af but he was a super nice guy and a big advocate for vaping and getting people of the smokes, from my first taste of ry4 I never looked back, I didn’t need cigarettes

My sense of smell came back, my tastebuds recovered and I discovered a long lost appetite and love for food, I don’t smell like an ashtray anymore.

Now at 38 I am about to be 2 years cigarette free, healthy and well and truly immersed in the vaping community. I have just become a father for the first time and for once in my life I know that the stinkies can’t stop me from seeing him grow up, and having more of a chance of being there when he becomes a father.

And just as important my wife is incredibly proud of me, as is my friends and family

Vaping has had a huge improvement to my life and I will continue to support the community and anyone looking to give up tobacco for good, this forum and certain people here have helped and supported me more than most will ever know

Dave S. 38 Warwickshire