Dave Kitson

I bought my first electronic cigarette in October 2010. At that time I was smoking approximately 25 Marlboro cigarettes per day, and had done so for 28 years, from the age of 14.

I bought a cheap „cig-a-like“ for two reasons really. Firstly, I was intrigued as I’d heard a friend talk about how good they were. Secondly, I had just been assigned to a new project at work on a non-smoking site, and wondered if this new gadget could help me beat my cravings during the day. I had tried to quit smoking previously due to a couple of health scares (minor stroke), but I didn’t really want to quit – I just felt guilty as I continued to smoke.

Within a week of buying my first ecig, I suddenly realised that I had accidentally switched to vaping and have not smoked a tobacco cigarette since (just over 5 years at the time of writing)*. Although I genuinely didn’t try to quit smoking back in 2010, after a few weeks I realised that I hadn’t touched my half-full cigarette packet, which I eventually threw away.

I did need to „upgrade“ my little cigalike to something more viable, and very quickly moved to an eGo style ecig and started experimenting withe th early „mods“. There was a lot of trial and error with e-liquid flavours and strengths too, but during all of this I wasn’t smoking. These days I use high-end, temperature controlled, variable wattage devices with large tanks, and I feel overall much healthier than I did when I smoked.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that vaping totally changed my life for the better, and today I run a blog, a vaping forum and am very active in the vaping community.

The idea that new regulations and restrictions in the Tobacco Products Directive Article 20 will soon make the devices I use illegal, fills me with dread. I honestly don’t know whether I would be able to resist a return to smoking if the viable ecigs were no longer available, (either legally or on the black market).

Vaping is a life-changer for smokers – and the changes are all for the better!


*Actually, that’s not quite true – I did buy and smoke a few cigarettes on holiday in the summer of 2015 in Singapore where vaping is illegal, but immediately reverted back to vaping as soon as I was allowed. That experience did demonstrate to me just how much more pleasant an experience vaping is for me than smoking – I really didn’t enjoy the tobacco at all. It lacked satisfaction, tasted bad and I didn’t like the smell on my clothes either.