Dave Groves

Nothing here that you haven’t seen already.

Started later than most at about 17. Very socially at first but I seemed to take to it pretty well. Before long I was on an easy 20 a day.

Moved to London in 2002 and found that while I was paying off my debts, my social life was not great. Days off could lead to 40/50 being smoked, helped by the Polish guys at work who seemed to have an endless supply of B&H imported on their frequent trips home.

Fast Forward to 2008 and I moved in with my (now) wife who had never smoked. Within a year I quit, cold turkey and didn’t seem to struggle too badly.

I was off them for 4 years then fell off the wagon quite by accident, when a friend offered me a cig at a wedding and, being slightly worse for wear, I accepted. The cravings came back with a vengeance and I was struggling to get through them. I was grumpy and short tempered and I ended up going through a few packs while I waited for the typical ce4/ego setup to arrive through the post.

It just worked. It held the cravings at bay and as an added bonus it seemed to stop me from constantly snacking.

3 ish years and rather a lot of kit along and the hobby still grips me and the friends I have made due to it are among some of my best.

Dave Groves. 41. Nottingham.