Dave Coyte

Hi Everybody,
My name is Dave,I’m a 43 year old male and live in Molong NSW Australia.
I started smoking at age 14 pinching one here one there of my father untill I got a part time job and could buy my own. By the age of 19 I was working on a exploration drill rig with a mining company and smoking a pack of winfield red a day(25 cigs a day).
By 24 I was driving trucks, just got married and smoking 40 cigs a day and did this untill I was 35.
About this time I started to have pains in my chest, small at first but got to the point were I couldn’t open the curtains on my truck without stabing pains in the chest and my neck, armpit and wrist on my left side would go numb.
I ended up having a 98% blockage of the main artery into my heart, I was lucky, I hadn’t had a heart attack and no damage was done to my heart.
I had a stent put into my artery to unblock it which went well.
I was told by my doctor I had to give up smoking and if I didn’t I would be lucky to make 45, it was the only bad habit I had and the only reason somebody so young could have such a large blockage,as I ate well ( most of the time) had normal blood pressure, colestrol levels and went to the gym regally. At the time my daughter was 5 and my son was 3 who i wanted to see grow up, I’d just bought a house with my wife who I wanted to grow old with so I went cold turkey.
This lasted about 6 months, it was a hard 6 months and the longest exempt at giving up the cigs for the next 6 1/2 years. I tried everything , hypnotise, all the nicotine replacement medicines ( gum, patches the sprays, losingese and chanpix) I believe chanpix is a very dangerous drug, I did stop smoking but had bad side affects and stopped using it after about 2 months.
It wasn’t untill a work mated introduced me to e-cigs that I found something that works.
I borrowed one from him for a day and it WORKED !!!!!!! At the end of the day I noticed I’d only smoked 4 cigs.
I ordered a starter kit the next day 2 ego battery’s with aspire dbc clearo’s .
I got 18mg ejuice and within 3 weeks I was smoke free and have been for 14 months and will NEVER smoke again.
I’m now down to 3mg of nic.I believe it’s the hand action involved with vaping is why it worked for me.
I can breathe again I don’t wake up in the morning and cough up a lung ,my sence of taste is back I’ve got more energy I exercise everyday now either swim or jog I’ve lost 15 kg
Vaping has saved my life, it’s the only way I’ve managed it give up smoking wich mite have killed me very very young.
Now I’ve got chance to grow old with my wife, watch my kids grow up and one day may be grand kids:)