Daniela Weber

I did smoke for over 35 years. I quit smoking on August 1st in 2017. I started vaping August 2nd in 2017. My first e-cigarette was an AIO- device. Now build my own Coils and DIY. I vape MTL 6mg nic and DL 3mg nicotine. I never smoked a combustible cigarette again since I vape. Before vaping I tried to quit smoking many times. The longest was 11 days without a cigarette. With the e-cigarette it was so easy for me. One day smoker, the next day vaper.
I am healthy now. I can take stairs without coughing my lungs out. I can smell and taste better. And I don’t stink like an ashtray. And my sons don’t have to worry anymore me getting lungcancer. They are proud of me and so am I.