Dan Barker

I had been smoking for about 12 years and mainly on roll ups. I had tried a few times to stop but the best i managed was about 3 months going cold turkey.
At the end of last year i decided to buy a vype cigalike to tryout this vaping lark as the price of tobacco had gone up so much i was thinking i should at least try to cut back a bit.
The cigalike wasn’t very good but i did manage to cut my smoking down by about half. This made me think there might be something to this vaping thing and i started to do some research. This is when i found UKV and it helped me lots.
Just after new year i bought myself an upgrade. An innokin itaste vv4 + nautilus mini, I never looked back and now its been about 8 months cig free. ( the occasional social smoke but that’s not for the tobacco. winking) I don’t do this too often and i don’t find myself wanting a cig the following day to all is good.
I have found that my sense of smell and taste has gotten much better, also i have lost my smokers cough and although i don’t exercise that much i don’t find myself short of breath as quickly. The only downside i see to vaping is it hasn’t saved me money as i keep getting the attack of shinyitis. I would never have spent £30+ on a lighter. Smiling

Dan Barker