Dag Buer

I started to smoke at the age of 10. 2,5 years I used snus in stead of smoke, this destroyed my theeth. Since then I have been a heavy smoker up to 60/70 sigaretts a day!
Last year I wanted to try to quit. I tried som products like mouth spray. This hurt my trought to mutch. Then I descoverd vaping! This has change my life! Have better condition (I dont get as short breat when walking up hill), I also dont have as mutch whiselign in my chest and I have saved a lot of money. The plan was to cut down on my sigaretts, but after a couple of days I forgot all about the sigaretts, and now I only vape. This helps me to not get all that toxic shit in to my body, but i still get the nicotin i need. But, with this new TPD regulations I fear that it will be much blakcmarked juice and nicotin that will be dangorus. And with the regulations of the equipment it wont be as atractive for people to use vape instead of sigaretts and snuff.
And i also fear that it will be to expensive so that i have to return to sigaretts, somthing i rather not do!