Cyndi Merka

Smoking was the one thing I could count on in a changing world. Light a smoke, deal with life. After 33 years, I’d fallen every winter to bronchitis, often complicating into pneumonia. Patches, gum, chantix, all made me sick. December 2013, I came back from a long road trip so sick I could barely speak, and coughed my way in to a local tobacco store that had a vape counter. Pen vape, some nasty ass „pour it right there in front of you“ juice, and 3 days later, and I was well. I tried a cigarette but it was so awful I just went back to the vape. The motions were the same; inhale, exhale, hand to face, and so on, so it really stuck for me. Over the course of the last year and then some, I’ve been on a never ending search for good gear, and great juice. It’s worth it, just look at how much I’ve saved on health care!!!!