Craig Sayce

I suffered a serious accident in 2006 where I broke my neck all through recovery I never touch a cigarette but as soon as I got home and went to my leaving do I was a bit drunk and bummed a cigarette of one of the boys and was hooked again now at the time my fiancé hated smoking so I was stealth smoking whilst she was not at home and felt really bad about lying to her then on an Internet search one day I can across a cigalike vaping device and ordered one it was at the time great I could vape even in the house with out her knowing but the replacement carts were hard to get and quite expensive so I tried my hand at manually refilling them after investing in a few bottles of e-juice but it never worked really well so after a month or so I gave up and went back to smoking in time the relationship between us fell apart and I ended up moving from one home to another I remember removing fixtures from the wall of the old home and being surprised at the amount of staining on the white Walls even though I’d only smoked inside a few times that’s when I thought I’d give up once I moved to my new home but that didn’t work out I just made sure I smoked outside then I got tickets to the gadget show and when I was there I was surprised to see lots of vendors selling these vaping pens along with then CE4 tanks so I thought I’d give it a try again I bought a kanger battery a CE4 topper and roughly 6bottles of various e-juice got home and tried it it was so much better than my previous experience with the cigalike and instantly I was happier that I’d spent so much and I was enjoying it before I knew it a month had passed and I’d not had one single cigarette and I wasn’t missing it so I started to do more research on what I became to know it as vaping I then bought my first mech along with batteries and charger and my first RDA a Magma and I was in vaping heaven and sine that time March 2013 I’ve not had a single cigarette not even one puff my collection has grown considerably since and in many ways I’ve met many great ppl and talked to a great deal of ppl around the world all with vaping at the heart my nic intake has dropped from the first e-juice I vaped which was 18nic now down to 6nic and I’m soon to drop by 1/2 again to 3nic I love exhaling thick dense clouds but also I like using my small chamber toppers to get bursts of flavour too today I’m amazed at how diverse the vaping community is and the devices we use the help that is also afforded to others upon request not to many ppl are too busy that they don’t have time to speak with you about a device its pros and its cons. Still today my collection grows though not as fast as first but now I know what I like and I’m more picky about what I buy and decide as well if I’m buying to use it to keep as a display piece.

So there you have my vaping history sorry about the lack of grammar punctuation and any spelling mistakes I’m extremely dyslexic. I hope you found it interesting.