Colin T Graves

Hello, my name is Colin. I am 48 years old and have been a smoker since I was 13 years old.

In the 30 plus years as a smoker, I have tried to quit numerous times. From cold turkey and hypnosis, to the nicotine patch and prescription drugs. The longest I have ever gone on without smoking on these was 10 weeks and 2 days while trying the patch (which was 2 days past wearing my last patch).

5 years ago my father (a smoker all his life) passed from esophageal cancer. 3 months later my mother slipped on some ice and spent 3 months in traction in the hospital (she too had been a smoker for most her life, and was forced to quit as no one at the hospital would wheel her bed outside to smoke).

This left me the only smoker in my family, and one of 3 smokers in my circle of friends. Needless to say the pressure to quit was quite intense, and yet I continued to smoke.

5 months ago I needed to move into an apartment and at the time in Calgary there were not a lot of choices…especially for smokers.

A workmate asked if I had tried Vaping? I hadn’t and decided to research it a bit. The first few things I discovered were all quite discouraging. I found a report stating it produced mor formaldehyde than smoking. Another report said that as a smoking cessation tool it was ineffective.

I returned to my workmate with this information, and he showed me how the formaldehyde report was done with bad science, and then introduced me to several others who were now vaping instead of smoking. My last objection was start up cost, but when he took me to his Vape shop I discovered the starter kit and 30ml of juice would cost $80…I was spending over $100 on cartons of cigarettes every week.

I took the chance. The employee showed me how the starter kit worked, helped me sample various tobacco flavoured juices until I found one that was similar to my brand of cigarettes, and then suggested I start at 24mg nicotine.

Before leaving the shop, the employee made me promise not to have another cigarette until 9pm that night and before I did, I should take 10 hauls off my Vape pen first.

I decided to follow his instructions. That night at 9, I took 10 hauls off my Vape pen then went out for a cigarette. I took one puff and put it out.

It has now been 5 months now since my last cigarette. I have no interest or need for a cigarette. I have upgraded my equipment, reduced my nicotine to 3mg, and have begun to build my own coils (part out of hobby and part out of financial necessity.).

I am a non smoker and have no urge, need or desire to ever smoke another cigarette. That is a statement I have never been able to say with confidence.

Vaping has saved my life, I know it, I feel it everyday.