Colin Jones

I started my smoking journey at the tender age of 9 years, both my parents smoked so access to cigarettes was easy, I very quickly learned to roll my own as my mother smoked woodbine which were a non filter tip type so there were plenty of stumps of tobacco in the ash trays for me to use when I couldn’t get hold of cigarettes for myself, back in the 60s it was easy to get cigarettes them from shops even at that age because my mum sent me to buy her’s.
Anyway my smoking was full on for the next 50 years+ 35 of which were as a Marlboro red smoker, until I suffered a heart attack in 2002, stopped cold turkey as my cigs were at home and me in hospital no choice there really, stayed with it for 3-4 months after discharge but going for a drink was hard not to smoke, but stayed with it, eventually succumbed to the occasional cigar with a pint, 1 went to 2 then 3, knock this on the head and went back on cigarettes.
June 20th 2013 bought an ecig (gen one) an E-lights, had no intention of stopping smoking just bought it to see what they were like, to my suprise I wasn’t smoking cigarettes two weeks later, I specifically wanted one that looked like a cigarette, big mistake, people thought I was smoking for real and caused a few arguments so soon moved away from the cigalike.
I saw a girl at a party with an ego style and had chat to her about it and bought one for myself, big step up and better performance, started to watch videos about coil winding, got winding my own coils and started experimenting mixing my own liquid quite successfully, moving onto bigger tanks like protank, etc, collected quite an array of mods, batteries egos but now using the rechargeable mods like the I stick with mini nautilus.
The most important part of my story is; I have now been tobacco smoke free for 27 months and now currently vaping 10mg/ml from 24mg at the start of my accidentally quitting smoking, my 50 year+ habit has probably already done the damage if any at all and will more than likely be recorded as a smoking related death.
But at this present moment in time with no smokers hack or suffering from regular colds, I am feeling fitter than ever now I am not a smoker anymore.