Clouds Inspected

I smoked cigarettes for 28 years. Finally I ended in hospital with a heart attack. They’ve done a great job there. Otherwise I won’t be on earth anymore. Five years ago I switched to vaping. Because of all the medical issues I have to go to hospital every half years to check my lungs and my heart function. And believe it or not it is getting much better since I vape. Also I safe tons of money and my wife and my son are glad because I’m not stinking anymore. I do a lot of research and never heard of minors do stealth vaping at school or something like that. And if they do they also will hide somewhere and smoke cigarettes if there is no vaping. They gonna take mint drops and clean their hands before going back to school. Nobody’s gonna stop this. With or without vaping. It’s the forbidden things making youth life more exciting anyway for some of em.