i started smoking when i was 13. back in 84 this was common ,and most gave little notice to teens smoking .
in my mid 20’s i noticed that shortness of breath was holding me back and decided to work on quiting .
first i tried lites hoping to gradually break away , no dice . i tried cold turky , that was a wash. then the patch wich led to eating nonstop and i still wanted to smoke , tried the gum , tried a pipe ( liked that . tried cigars hoping if smoking was unpleasant id quit, nope there are snom nice cigars out there.
eventualy i found the cig-alike , this helped alot . over a couple monthe i managed to quit cigs and moved on to an ego mod . .
i have been smoke free for about 7 months now and have no desire to smoke . i continue to reduce my nic levell , but i find vape to be satisfying and will probably continue to vape even when nicotine is at 0mg